My client calls. It has happened again. He went to turn on one of his computers, and got nothing. A blank screen. Nary a peep. "Can you help me?"

A lot of problems are relatively simple fixes. In my clients case, it was a burnt out power supply. I ran to a local shop, picked up a power supply, and had his machine up and running in less than half an hour.

The following is a partial list of my hardware related skills:

  • Systems Analysis 
  • Hardware conflict resolution / debugging
  • Upgrades & Repairs 
    • Motherboard
    • BIOS / Batteries
    • RAM
    • Hard Drives / SSD with Data Migration
    • Peripherals
    • Emergency Data Recovery Service
  • Relocation Services
    • Power needs analysis
    • Cable / connection mapping
    • Disassembly, moving, reassembly, testing
    • Pre-move backup, post move restoration of data, if necessary
    • Network migration
  • Network Hardware
    • Expand, consolidate, update existing network infrastructure
    • Plan, design, & build out new networks (wired, or wireless)
    • Assess needs, report on purchase recommendations 
  • Portable devices
    • Device Specific Training
    • Home or Office (or lab, or anywhere else) integration
    • (ask me!)