Other Services

Uncle Barry loves to take pictures, and loves the kids. After handing your camera over to an 8 year old, you watch in dismay as the child pulls the memory card out of your camera, while taking a picture! Once you get home from the family gathering, you put your memory card in your computer to transfer all the photos since last years gathering, only to get the dreaded message: "This card is not formatted. Would you like to format it now?"

You take some time to yourself and enjoy an afternoon at the beach. While checking your email in the car before you head home, someone backs into you, causing you to knock the laptop to the floor. You get out to check the car; no damage! But then you get in and try to shut down your computer. "No operating system found."

You take some work with you on vacation. 'Just need to finish off that report for work.' Your computer just doesn't seem to be behaving the way you are used to. You call me, and I take control of your computer while we are on the phone together, and show you how to make things work better. 10 minutes later, you have sent the report off to work, and can get on with your vacation!

Some of my many other services provided:
  • Remote Systems Monitoring
  • Remote Training / Troubleshooting
  • One on one, family, and small group software training
  • Concept class offerings
    • Internet basics
    • Word processing
    • Spreadhseets
    • Database design & use
    • Smartphone, Tablet, and other technology training
  • Open discussion courses
    • Tech Talk - I come and host open classes to answer questions regarding almost any technology related questions.. Some planning for depth of discussion necessary. 
  • Home theater / audio systems setup and training
  • Other electronic device setup (printers, video surveillance, home automation, radio equipment, etc)
  • Much more!