I started programming young (8 y.o.), and have way too much information in my head about outdated or obsolescent tech, languages, and hardware... Have stayed up to date through the years. Worked for the University of Oregon supporting 300+ computers in a cross platform networked environment. Helped to build out and supported a render farm while leaning 3d animation and special effects in the late 90's. Worked for the San Juan Island School District, and the San Juan Island Library in technology related roles.

My two young men are now in college, and so I am expanding my business, getting folks more comfortable with their technology and their use of it. I do in home and in business training and repairs. References available upon request. I can also provide remote support through Teamviewer, and direct remote training using the same software solution and a phone.

Have taught one-on-one, small format based classes, and open format courses; ask me about them!

I can be reached in a variety of ways. The easiest is , or the Need Some Help tab, above.

Michael  Perren