Software conflicts are no fun.

You get a message that one of the programs you use regularly is ready for an update, so you click 'ok.' The next thing you know, nothing is working the way you are used to, sometimes not working at all! 

At other times, you just know it is safe to open that attachment that Aunt Linda sent. And then you realize... you have a virus, and have no idea how to get rid of it!

You bought that new computer for Christmas. By Easter, it feels as slow as your old machine...

Some of the software related issues I work with are listed below;

  • Software Conflict Resolution
  • Software Upgrades with data backup prior
  • Malware / Adware / Malicious software detection & Removal
  • Rootkit detection & removal
  • Antivirus detection & removal
  • System speed analysis, cleaning, and overall performance enhancement